Baby birds found outside of the nest.

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Found a baby bird?

So, you look down and there it is, a baby bird is out of her nest. what do you do?

What to do?

A large belief is that the touch of a human to a baby bird is harmful, that the parents won't recognize their young after human contact this is, in fact, a myth. Birds don't use scent to recognize their young.
So what to do about baby birds?
  1. First, see if the chick is a nestling or a fledgling. A fledgling will be able to hop or walk it will also more than likely be feathered. If the chick doesn't have the ability to walk or hop and is featherless the chances are you have a nestling and the nest is close by but could be hidden.
  2. After determining whether you have a nestling or fledgling you can make the decision to either move the fledging away from a harmful area such as roads, sidewalks, stores, this may just give the fledging a little better chance at survival.
  3. If you are dealing with a nestling, try locating the nest. Nestlings can't travel too far from their nest on their own so the nest should be close by. After you have located the nest you can carefully return the nestling(Be mindful some parental birds do not like visitors)




Bird in hand


hungry chicks in birds nest