FAFP Annual Educational Conference exhibit

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We showcased Safe Haven Services

with our exhibit at the 2018 Florida Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting

FAFP's 2018 Annual Education Conference

Safe Haven the #1 Bird Removal Specialist in the USA recently provided an exhibit at the FAFP's 2018 Annual Education Conference to highlight Safe Haven Bird Removal Solutions.

FAFP is the Florida Association for Food Protection, they are an active organization in global and national food safety, affiliates of the International Association for Food Protection with a diverse membership of government and industry leaders researching and providing education to the community. 

The Conference provides opportunities for education on food safety through connections with other industry leaders and members.  Every year the event is well-attended by FAFP’s diverse membership comprising industry, government and university officials dedicated to education, research and development services for its members and the communities it serves.   

The two-day event in St. Petersburg, FL showcased an abundance of qualified professionals and educators from multiple industries and backgrounds. The event featured many speakers and educators covering a multitude of industry topics from "Improving Food Safety in Ethiopia" to "Spoilage and Microbial Contamination" with plenty of time to talk and connect with important members of the food safety community. 

You can learn more about FAFP here http://www.fafp.net

Vorys, Derek, Ben at Safe Haven Exhibit FAFP 2018


Safe Haven Wildlife Removal joined the list of exhibits this year at The Annual 2018 FAFP Conference in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. Safe Haven specialists were able to showcase the Safe Haven Bird Removal Solution exhibit to company's in all Food Safety industries and educate attendants about our Safe Haven Process and values as well as connect and with some of our current clients. We were successfully able to promote Safe Haven Solutions and educate industry leaders, FAFP members, even our clients on Safe Haven goals and services.   

Derek, Vorys, Ben at Safe Haven Exhibit FAFP 2018

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