We are looking for dedicated specialist in select areas.

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Enjoy the most satisfying working experience.

In the humane wildlife removal industry, as our newest Bird Rescue and Relocation Specialist with full time and part time positions available.

We are currently accepting applications in these select areas





Safe Haven represents some of the largest grocery store, big box supermarkets, and food distribution centers throughout half the country under FDA regulations. A Bird Rescue and Relocation Specialist means you will help solve bird-related problems for our clients. By possessing the necessary skills to humanely rescue birds on the fly. A Bird Rescue and Relocation Specialist will have the ability to pattern birds, identify the species of birds, appropriately handle birds, and implement state of the art, patent-pending methodologies’ to rescue birds from any and all large facilities under FDA government guidelines.

Greeted as a professional by our customers.

After training, our specialists will have the ability to:

• Build a name as a professional

• Complete a project from start to finish

• Represent a nationwide brand with key accounts

• Work independently

• Build relationships with key accounts

• Offer complete recommendations and solutions as a consultant

• Must be willing to travel to accounts and commit to rescue


*Full-time specialists can make up to $4,000 a month

*Part-time specialists can make up to $1,000 a month

*based on ability and willingness to travel