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Wildlfie removal

The Mad Hatter

This wren earned it's title.

The Carolina Wren

Many traits of the Carolina Wren make them a nightmare for stores and our specialist. with the ability to scale a tree vertical from the ground with one wing-propelled leap. The flying patterns get no better with sporadic quick low, wave-like aerial maneuvers and rapid wing flapping. Carolina Wrens have been considered a lot of things but to equip them with the title of mad hatter is only fitting as they are commonly witty resourceful creatures with crazy attitudes and very territorial. 


Wildlfie removal


You can find one of the 7 species of Carolina Wren in the states as far as texas up to Deleware and south. during mild winters they have been known to be as far as main during nesting.


Like most avian species Wren's diets consist of insects bugs, reptiles, and frogs. During the winter wrens will be found eating fruits and berries making grocery stores ideal for winter nesting.


The saying "home is where you make it" stand very true for Carolina wren they are known to have life long partners rarely finding new mates. Most the time you will find wrens in pairs as the male and female will both take effort in building the nest. Wren's will build a nest just about anywhere as long as they have a little crevice to build in, most males looking for mates will build multiple nests to give their potential mate a selection of nests to choose from, making them extremely hazardous when entering a commercial facility, one wren may produce anywhere to 5 nest's before mating. 

wildlfie removal

The Mad Hatter

During a recent removal call, the Safe Haven Specialist came across an unusual yet memorable bird. Later to be named "The Mad Hatter". The wren reputation is already that of witty a little crazy and a jokester much like the mad hatter himself and with the added aggressiveness over territory, it makes wrens that much a potential hazard and a huge challenge for facilities to maintain. 

After nearly 48hours of attempting to rescue "the mad hatter," the Safe Haven specialist were able to bring the wren into Safe Haven hands securing the well-being of the facility and the well-being of "the mad hatter"

"The mad hatter" led Safe Haven specialist on a 48hr hunt when it was all said and done our specialist received our first ever Harris Teeter reward for never giving up on the removal. (as pictured to left)